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Research has shown that heart attack victims who have pets live longer. A study of 92 patients hospitalized in coronary care units for angina or heart attack found that those who owned pets were more likely to be alive a year later than those who did not. The study found that only 6 percent of patients who owned pets died within one year compared with 28 percent of those who did not own pets.

Pet Prescription Founded

Pet Prescription Teams Philosphy

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  • PPT Trains
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Pet Prescription Team was founded in 2003 for one purpose, to help pet owners train and certify their family pets for assisted therapy visits. It had been brought to the attention of Krystal Emery, the Founder of; "The Pet Prescription Team" the difficulties and lack of information on the certification process as well as the lack of hands on training for those that desired to train their personal family dog for therapy work.


Pet Prescription Team developed it's own personal Training manual and Policy and Procedure manual as well as classes to assist in the certification process. Once owners complete an 8 week Pet Prescription Team training course they are evaluated through the Pet Prescription Team for certification. Once certified the Pet Prescription Team places Liability Insurance on both the dog and owner while out on Pet Prescription Team therapy visits.



What is the Pet Prescription Team

The therapeutic use of pets as companions has gained increasing attention in recent years for a wide variety of patients - people with AIDS or cancer, the elderly, and the mentally ill. Unlike people, with whom our interactions may be quite complex and unpredictable, animals provide a constant source of comfort and focus for attention. Animals bring out our nurturing instinct. They also make us feel safe and unconditionally accepted. We can just be ourselves around our pets.


The Pet Prescription Team philosophy is," Healing Hearts Through Pet's". Each month we receive countless calls asking; "How can I get my dog certified?" Our goal at Pet Prescription Team is to make that dream come true for not only you but all those whom are in need of an assisted pet therapy visit. Learn More...


Pet Precription Teams Philosophy


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