Special Needs Project

In 2009, The Pet Prescription Team launched a special needs program with HBIC located in La Habra, California.

This program was unique in that it involved not using Therapy dogs just for visiting but to work with the kids to develop the following skills:  

How this project works

  • Physical Development
  • Communication Skills
  • Verbal Skills 
  • Instructional Skills
  • Positive Behavior Support
  • Encouragement Through Instruction
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Each week HBIC buses children to the Pet Prescription Training Facility. Once the children arrive each child is matched up with a dog they will work with for one hour. There is a clear directive as to goals and cognisance level of each child and each PPT volunteer tailors their work to the level in which will best fit that child.



Each volunteer is given clear instuction on how to work with these special needs kids. PPT volunteers and Therapy dogs work together with each child in the follwing exercises.




 Walking The Dog

 Develops motor skills

 Working a dog on an agility course

 Develops the ability to perform a task

 Dog sitting politely while student pets

 Teaches the proper way to touch

 Identifying ears, nose etc on the dog

 Develops word association

 Acceptance of a dog

 Helps to build confidence


"Making A Difference One Child At A Time"


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