Over the years the Pet Prescription Team volunteers have visited a multitude of facilities throughout the Southland. Through those visitations many of our volunteers have been effected and have observed that It is never an enjoyable time in anybody's family when one of your loved ones has to live in a health care facility or nursing home. Many times, new residents verbally complain that they do not want to move into the facility, and would rather just go home. What has been even more heartbreaking over the years is watching those that have been committed to a facility that have no personal belongings, family or friends to help them create a home like atmosphere in the place they now call home.
The Pet Prescription Team has started a program called; “There’s No Place Like Home” project. This projects goal as well as vision is extremely clear, to take the time and energy to create a relaxing atmosphere for a less fortunate resident/patient room, helping them to pick up their scattered belongings and creating small acts that can leave a lasting impression on their lives giving them hope and purpose.

What is the; "There's No Place Like Home project."


"Making A Difference One Room At A Time"


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Meet Joseph

Joseph Powell was the first recipent of the; "There's No Place Like Home project." Joseph is suffering from end-stage chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and is living in hospice care at Whitten Heights Assisted Living in La Habra, California.

The Pet Prescription Team rallied their teammates to kick off the first "No Place Like Home" event to redecorate the rooms of sick seniors and youths.
Inspired by Powell's passion for bowling, the team gathered items from the sport and decorated his room.They included pins, balls, signed photographs by bowling professionals and bowling uniforms.
Powell, 57, a Paramount native, developed a love for bowling when he left the Marine Corps after four years of duty in the 1970s.He began working at a bowling alley in Oceanside as a pin catcher."I fell into bowling and stuck with it my whole life," Powell said.Powell joined bowling teams while working at the alley."I love everything about bowling," he said.
As teammates escorted Powell into his newly-furnished room, he was clearly surprised as he took in its new look."Oh my God," was all he could say as he slowly walked around his room. Among the new items he has is a coffee maker, which he is looking forward to using with his fellow residents.
The Pet Prescription Team began to notice Joseph when they would pass by his empty room and decided to select him as the first recipient of; "There's No Place Like Home." 





Decorating a healthcare facility room to a more homelike atmosphere is the Pet Prescription Teams loving way to care for those special resident or patient that has no family or belongings. Simply adding a few decorations, new bed comforters, relaxing chairs, cherished items and a casual rug will instantly change the comfort level and atmosphere of the resident's room and turn it into a;“There’s No Place Like Home” room.

Our vision of the; There’s No Place Like Home” project is to select a resident/patient each month and assist in making their room feel more like home.