Faith Dog Project

The Pet Prescription Team organization was blessed when Brielle and her family contacted PPT to discuss having Faith certified as a pet therapy dog so that she could visit Brielle and the other children when Brielle was in the hospital.

Brielle and Faith wholeheartedly represented what the PPT is all about, "Healing Hearts Through Pet's." Whenever Brielle was able to visit, she and Faith treated each patient like they were the most important person in the room. Brielle and Faith's touch penetrated deep into the hearts of those she met, and those who only knew her as they followed her journey battling cancer.

Brielle's Story 

This photo was of Brielle and a Faith Dog 4 days before she went home to be with Jesus. We truly were blessed to know she was able to hold and see what PPT will continue to carry on in her name for years to come. 


In 2008, Brielle Murray was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma (RMS) which is a cancerous tumor that develops in the body's soft tissues, usually the muscles. It can affect the head, neck, bladder, arms and legs. Cells from these tumors are often fast growing and can spread (metastasize) to other parts of the body. Brielle's tumor started within the ear canal. During the next three years she would undergo multiple surgeries, Radiation, Chemo treatments and a Stem Cell transplant. 

Brielle's great Faith in God and her presish servents heart truly blessed all those that came in contact with her as she traveled the difficult journey of RMS. The Pet Prescription Team learned valuable lessons through Brielle's journey and it has left a lasting effect within the hearts of our members. 


On January 12, 2011 PPT received an update from Brielle's family which shared that Brielle's tumor had grown and had spread into her spine, and that her time was very limited... perhaps weeks.


After this discouraging news Krystal Emery, the Director of the Pet Prescription Team began to think about how many life's lessons were learned through Brielle's journey and how could PPT continue to share the most important lesson of all which was; "Through Faith all things are possible." 

On January 13, 2011 Krystal celebrated with Brielle her 13th birthday. On that evening Krystal shared that she wanted to create a special project in honor of Brielle and Faith. She shared that this program would bring hope to other children that were struggling with cancer. In the planning of this special project Krystal asked Brielle what special message would she like each child to hear and without hesitation Brielle said; "With Faith All Things are Possible."

And so, the Pet Prescription Team (PPT) founded: "The Faith Dog Project" in memory of Brielle Murray and her dog Faith.

The PPT wants to ensure that Brielle and Faith's visits and the lives they touched will never be forgotten. Through The Faith Project, "Faith Dogs" will be given to the patients that our team members visit. We have begun this project with the Pedetric Oncology patients at Kaiser Hospital in Los Angeles and hope to spread the project to other facilities that we visit as well.





With each dog, we will share Brielle's story and her inspiring words, "With Faith, All Things Are Possible." With each hug the dog receives, each tear it catches, and each moment of pain that it catches, and each moment of pain that it absorbs, Brielle's hand and Faith's paw will continue to imprint their prayers and love to those who need it most.

From the conception of the Faith Dog Project many people have asked how will it continue to be funded our answer is simple. If you would like to help continue the Faith Dog Project in memory of Brielle, we will be accepting donations of any size to purchase "Faith Dogs" to distribute to the Children's Oncology patients at Kaiser Hospital and hopefully expand this project to other facilities in which our volunteers visit.

Make a donation to the Faith Dog Project.

Please note:" FAITH DOG PROJECT" on the memo of your check. We thank you for assisting us in keeping this program going in memory of Brielle and Faith and what they meant to the Pet Prescription Team organization.

Celebrating the Life of

Brielle Ruth Murray

One of the most precious stories that we will forever hold deep within our hearts as an organization, and will continue to be at the very core of the legacy that Brielle has left us with, came from an event that happened on the day that Brielle's parents received the news that the cancer had returned.


Brielle's mom Lisa had been given the news from the doctor that Brielle's CT Scan test results revealed that the cancer had spread... even with her receiving the phase 1 chemo. Lisa was sobbing, while sitting on the floor in the hallway, when a beautiful nurse came up to her and said... "I know this has been a very long journey for you. I will be the one reading the results from the PET scan that Brielle just had. I want to ask you to continue to "BELIEVE", because medicine is limited in what it can do... but God is not!".


Lisa was encouraged in her spirit, because she knew this to be true.When Lisa told Brielle later that evening what the doctors had said, and what the nurse had said in the hallway, Brielle looked at Lisa right in the eye, and with a questioning voice asked her mom... "Do you think she was an ANGEL?" Then she said... "Mom... let's call the hospital tomorrow and see if that nurse even works there?.


Brielle's great Faith and her example of Child--like faith is something that we all need to have, knowing that; "With Faith All Things Are Possible."



Given to us January 29,1998


Taken Home to Jesus February 18,2011



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