How To Join The Team

We receive countless calls each month by pet owners that have always wanted to train their family pet to become an assisted therapy dog.

We believe the process should be easy and fun for both the dog and the owner.

We have compiled a comprehensive list to help answer some of those questions and myths as to requirements and procedures to get your dog certified through the Pet Prescription Team. Hopefully you will find the information helpful and informative as to the process. If you have further questions or would like to join our team please contact us and we will be more than happy to help you further.

  • What is the Pet Prescription Team?

  • Dogs must complete a 6-8 week training course
  • Dog must be tested and evaluated by a Pet Prescription Team evaluator
  • Dog must be a minimum age of 1year 
  • Dog must be of sound tempermant
  • Dog must pass the American Kennel Club (CGC )test

We are a full service organization. We offer Pet Certification training which involves training owners and their pets to make home, hospital and nursing home visits. The Pet Prescription Team Therapy training class covers how to deal with people with various situations that may occur during visitations. The course will train volunteers and their animal on exactly what to do and how to act around people who are situated in these places.

  • What type of animals do you certify?

The Pet Prescription Team certifies all types of animals but primarily we use dogs in our organization.Some dogs have pedigrees while others have been adopted from local shelters or rescue organizations.

  • Where do therapy dogs volunteer and what do they do?

All of our volunteers and dogs visit local area hospitals, assisted care facilities, rehab facilities, mental health facilities, library programs, Hospice and special needs children's homes.


The animal assisted therapy visits offer an unconditional healing bond to all they visit.

  • What are the requirements through the Pet Prescription Team to become a certified therapy dog?

  • What happens once my dog is certified?

  • Pet Prescription Team Certificate
  • 1 year liability coverage
  • Dog therapy vest 
  • ID Badges for you and your dog
  • Pet Prescription Team Policy and Procedure manual
  • Facility Roster

You will receive the following from the Pet Prescription Team:

  • How expensive are the therapy classes and certification?

For the 8 week week training course we charge $150.00. Once the dog has completed the class and passed all evaluations there is a $85.00 fee for certification.


Pet Prescription Team Training Classes


Classes are starting all the time at Pet Prescription Team. Please call our office for availability and times.

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